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 Interviu su Mihran Kirakosian (Madonna turu sokejas)

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RašytiTemos pavadinimas: Interviu su Mihran Kirakosian (Madonna turu sokejas)   Pen. 09 25, 2009 9:21 am

Tekstas originalo kalba:

Mihran Kirakosian 24 grew up in a family filled with talent his father was a famous dancer/choreographer, in Armenia, and his mother a singer. Mihran has famously danced for Madonna but also many other A-list stars including Pink, Britney Spears, Ricky Martin, to name a few.
Here are the parts of the interview, where he talks about the queen of pop:
Besides dancing, was music always an aim of yours? When did you first realize it was something u wanted to do?
The excitement and drive to continue a career of a dancer is not there anymore. I need to accomplish something innovative and exciting to get the same drive back. I have always wanted to be an artist since I was 7 years old; however, I pursued dancing before and I really can’t explain why. If I can go back in time and initially be an artist, I wouldn’t. I have learned so much about the music business by touring with artists, especially Madonna. I would have never been able to acquire this knowledge and experience in any classroom. I got to experience it first hand and there is nothing better than that.
We all know you for a being a brilliant dancer and through your career you worked with music's one and only Madonna, how was it working with Madonna?
It was amazing working with Madonna. She is a really hard worker and I am sure everyone can see that in her performances, shows, and videos. She is a phenomenal artist and one of a kind.
Do you still keep in contact with Madonna & the other dancers from her tours?
Yes I still keep in touch with Madonna; we are great friends. I just recently saw her show in Paris, France. It was the first time I watched a Madonna show as part of the audience. I also keep in touch with the current dancers; we are all good friends.
You didn’t work with Madonna on her last tour 'Sticky & Sweet', why was that?
It was time for me to move on and pursue my dream of becoming a music artist. I used most of 2008 writing and recording my album. I felt like I did two amazing tours with her and I didn’t feel the urge to do another one.
I got to ask is Madonna really that hard and difficult like the media makes her out to be?
She’s very fun to be around and loves to joke around but when it’s time for work then it’s time to work. She’s a perfectionist so when it comes to work she wants things done right and in her way. This is the reason why she is on top of the world.
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labai idomus interviu Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy matosi, kad i tai ka ji daro yra ideta daug pastangu ir darbo Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Madonna laikosi posakio: ka darai, daryk gerai jumpy jumpy Very Happy Yes!
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Interviu su Mihran Kirakosian (Madonna turu sokejas)
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